Why Do Bed Bugs Come Out At Night?

Bedbugs are one of the most common household parasitic insects. According to a study, they are present in one out of every five households in the United States. They are called bed bugs because they are commonly habituated in beds, although you can find them in most home wooden structures, including shelves, wall frames, chairs, and tables. You also see them in cracks and crevices of bed frames, walls, and electric sockets. This is because they provide the optimal temperature for them to reproduce and for their nymphs to thrive.

Bed bugs at night 

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Like every living thing, from plants to animals, we all need food to survive. This creepy creature called bed bugs is also not left out in hunting for food to survive. As the case may be, they proudly feed on human blood and often leave their habitat at night to perform this activity. Bed bugs are parasitic because they survive at the expense of other animals. For example, this creepy insect feeds on the blood of humans or other warm-blooded animals--While their feeding actions may hurt humans, it is beneficial to them as they can grow, molt, and reproduce actively. As previously mentioned, bed bugs attract carbon dioxide, heat, and warmth. These conditions are often available at night—the time of the day when we often rest, and there is less activity; as a result, there is less movement, the buildup of carbon dioxide, increase in body heat which provides the perfect time and environment for bed bugs to feed. 

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Although regardless of whether it is day or night, bright or dark bed bugs will always search for blood meals and feed on their host whenever they're hungry. It may not be convenient for them, but they will get what they want!

Can I get rid of bed bugs?

Although bedbug infestation may be difficult to control, when done correctly, you can get rid of all the bed bugs around you.

Do bed bugs cause severe health problems?

Bed bugs are not known to cause any serious threat to human health. However, the above paragraph can read more about their side effects.

Is it challenging to keep bedbugs away? 

Yes, bedbugs are tough to control. But, unlike cockroaches, they hide in dark places, especially corners, between the mattress, box springs, and under-bed frames. This is where you can find them when you search under the bed and in the seams of the mattress. 

How do you tell if bed bugs are around?

You can look for signs like dark spots and blood stains on your bedsheet or furniture. At times, they give off an odour similar to sweet berries.

How fast can bed bugs travel?

Bed bugs possess three pairs of legs to push their body against their weight. As a result, they crawl very fast, especially when they detect threats and are capable of travelling 2-4feet/min.

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