Where do Bed Bugs Go During The Day?

Bedbugs are blood-sucking insects that survive and reproduce by feeding on the blood of warm-blooded animals. They possess six legs and can crawl very fast towards and away from their host, especially when they sense threats. If bed bug infestation is not dealt with on time, there is the possibility that it may spread around your entire house and potentially cause damage.

Bed bugs in daytime

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Bedbugs are known to be a nocturnal pest in the fact that they do come out at night. One of the reasons is that they consider it the perfect time to get a blood meal from their host undisturbed. At nighttime, humans are almost always asleep; during this period, they are usually less movement from us, and as a result, there is usually a buildup of carbon dioxide, which we exhale. Also, our body heat increases and proactively draw them toward us. Besides, it's generally dark at night. As a result, it offers them better protection and adaptation to feed on their hosts without being detected.

However, some studies have shown that regardless it is daytime or night, bright or dark, bed bugs will always come out to feed on their host whenever they are hungry.

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Where do bed bugs hide during the day?

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Bedbugs are usually in hiding during the day, so they can remain undetected by their host and come out at night to operate. They prefer to hide in places that are near the dwelling places of their host. You will often find them in the cracks and crevices around your bed. Not only does this location provide safety for them, but this region also provides optimal temperatures for them and their nymphs to survive. When the nymphs are not close enough to get a blood meal from their host, they often remain inactive or die. You can check out our previous post about the nymph stage of bed bugs' life cycle. Other areas to find bed bugs during the day include mattresses, electric sockets, furniture, drawers, etc.

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How do you draw bed bugs out of hiding?

There are several methods to keep bed bugs out of hiding places, depending on the degree of infestation. You may also decide to treat the infestation yourself. Check out our previous post on how to deal with a bedbug infestation in 3 days!

What kills bed bugs instantly?

Temperature from the steam of about 100-degree Celsius will instantly destroy bed bugs and their eggs. Also, temperature from the sun can kill bed bugs but may not be effective enough to kill their eggs.

How do you tell if bed bugs are in your clothes?

You can check your clothes for blood stains or dark spots from their fecal deposit.

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Do bed bugs hide in hair?

No, bed bugs don't hide in hair. They prefer to live in certain areas. To know more about these areas. Click here 

Do bed bugs cause severe health problems?

Bed bugs are not known to cause any serious threat to human health. However, the above paragraph can read more about their side effects.

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