Does Permethrin Kill Bed Bugs?

There are a lot of myths and misunderstandings surrounding pesticides, and there is a lot of misinformation out there that could be doing more harm than good. We have collected the best information about pesticides here and have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to make educated choices.

Permethrin is one of the few insecticides safe for pets and beneficial to the environment. It is also safe for humans. Although you can choose different insecticides, using the safest and most effective ones is essential when fighting bedbugs.

How does permethrin kill bed bugs?

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Permethrin is one of the many synthetic pyrethroids used to kill bed bugs. According to the EPA, permethrin has been registered since 1979 and is a strong repellent used to preheat clothes. Unlike other pesticides, it is a contact pesticide; it can be sprayed and applied to the skin as a repellent in the form of lotion.  Permethrin will not kill bed bugs that are too far away from you, as they can only kill bedbugs when they come in contact. The best way to deal with bed bugs is to find and control them while sleeping (during the daytime). 

It is recommended that you spray permethrin around cracks and crevices where bed bugs are found, the areas they visit and crawl in and out of. If they are on your mattress, apply them to the whole mattress. It can also be applied to the box spring, headboard, and other bedding used by the bed bug.

If you think the bed bugs are present in other areas besides the bed and floor, you can apply permethrin to these areas. Spray-on permethrin can be used directly on pets and also works to eliminate bed bugs in the home.

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It is recommended to apply this pest repellent after bed bugs have infested the home. Once bed bugs have taken up residence, they can become immune to the effects of permethrin. When they are in the cracks, crevices, and crevasses, they may be able to avoid the results of the pesticide and remain immune.

Permethrin will remain active on the bed bugs and continue working against them for at least three months. Therefore, Permethrin can be used safely and effectively against bed bugs. However, permethrin should never be used if you are allergic to it or react. People with severe allergies and sensitivities to it should contact their doctor before using it.

How does permethrin affect humans?

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Like most insecticides, permethrin is not toxic to humans. It is classified as a contact repellent. Reports have shown that a large amount of permethrin applied to the skin or on an open wound is irritating.

If permethrin is on the bedding where you sleep, and you are allergic to it, or you experience a reaction to it, you should get it out of your bed and your clothes as soon as possible; in this case, you will have to change your beddings or wash it. Also, when using the lotion or cream, contact your doctor to get advice about the dosage amount that should be applied to your body and the amount that should be kept in your home.

Significance of using permethrin against bed bugs

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Permethrin is classified as a contact repellent. It works by causing the nervous system of the bed bugs to send signals that cause them to move away from it and not return.  Permethrin may not be highly effective in eliminating bed bugs; as Bedbugs have developed resistance against most permethrin insecticides. According to the report from the National Center for Biotechnology, Information fact has shown that “bed bugs that are moderately resistant to pyrethroid were susceptible to permethrin; in the same like, bed bugs that are highly resistant to pyrethroid may require a prolonged exposure to permethrin before they can be impacted.” Also, there have been reports of bed bugs getting into the cracks and crevices and not being harmed by the permethrin.

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However, it will continue to work for up to 3 months. A large amount of permethrin applied on one spot in your home will have more of an effect than a small amount. Permethrin will not prevent bed bugs from eating. If you do apply permethrin to the affected area every two weeks, bed bugs will get the chance to eat and could become immune to the effects.

The permethrin you apply should only be in your home for 2-4 weeks before you see any significant decrease in bed bugs. If the bed bugs are out of your home for more than four weeks, you can assume that the bed bugs may be immune to the pesticide or have been eradicated. If you need to determine if the bed bugs are out of the home for more than 2-4 weeks, you can watch out for signs of infestation or contact an exterminator for assistance.

Permethrin is one of the safest and most effective pesticides used in the war against bed bugs. Unfortunately, the bed bug infestation in your home could be a problem that can cost you time, money, and frustration. Using permethrin, you will be helping to prevent the bed bug infestation from becoming even worse and costing you even more money.

There are a lot of people who have used permethrin and have been successful in fighting bed bugs. Most people have either gotten rid of the bed bugs entirely or have been able to control the number of bugs in the home. Permethrin is relatively cheap and very effective. It is a safe and eco-friendly way to deal with the problem and should be used whenever possible to prevent the bed bug infestation from worsening.

Tips on the safe application of permethrin to your home

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The easiest way to apply permethrin to your home is to use the spray on permethrin. It mostly comes in a bottle; you just squirt the spray into the cracks and crevices where you think bed bugs and their eggs are located.  You can spray the permethrin directly onto your pet, although they may react adversely. You must know the right way to use it and take proper precautions.

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If you are worried that permethrin could harm your pets and birds, call your vet and tell them about your concerns. You should also ensure that you have a second food source for your pets and birds and that you plan to find another pet or bird if you need to.

Spray permethrin in the cracks, crevices, and crevasses where you think your bed bugs and their eggs are located. You want to spray it as close to the base of the wall as possible. However, it may be necessary to go deeper into the wall and have your exterminator spray the pesticide into the wall to get the bed bugs and their eggs.

If your pet or bird gets too close to the permethrin while spraying, ensure you don’t let it get too close to the spray. If you aren’t sure if a bird or a pet is getting too close to the spray, you can ensure that they are okay by watching them far off. If you notice that the permethrin is affecting your pet or bird, you should try to find another place to spray the permethrin and seek the help of a vet.


Is permethrin effective against bed bugs?

Yes, permethrin is effective in bed bugs control and can destroy all the stages of bed bugs' life cycle (Adult, nymph and eggs)

Can I spray permethrin on the mattress?

Since bed bugs are mostly found near the dwelling place of their host, particularly on bed frames and mattresses, a good permethrin product sprayed on your mattress will effectively eliminate these creepy insects and reduce the bed bug population.

Does permethrin kill bed bugs on contact?

Yes, permethrin effectively kills various insects, not just bed bugs, once in contact or when bed bugs ingest.

Will permethrin wash out of clothes?

Yes, although permethrin stain and odour may be tough to remove. But when washed and rinsed thoroughly, it will be completely washed off.

How soon can you repeat permethrin?

Since permethrin treatment can last up to three months, you can choose to repeat treatment two-three months from the day of initial treatment.

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