Earwig (Dermaptera)

The scientific name for earwigs is Dermaptera. This name comes from the Greek words “derma” meaning skin, and “ptera” meaning wings, which refers to the wing-like structures found on the earwig’s body. What is an Earwig? An earwig is an insect belonging to the order Dermaptera, which includes about 2,000 species worldwide. Earwigs have elongated …

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How Bt Cotton Is Resistant To Attack Of Insect Pests

What is BT cotton? BT cotton is a genetically modified variety of cotton (otherwise known as transgenic bt cotton and a part of transgenic crops (gm crops)) developed to resist attacks from certain insect pests. The term “BT” stands for Bacillus thuringiensis, a type of soil bacteria that produces a protein toxic to certain insect …

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Insecticides That Can Effectively Control Sucking Insect Pests?

What are sucking insect pests? Sucking insect pests feed on the sap or plant juices of plants by piercing and sucking out the fluids from the leaves, stems, and sometimes even the roots. These insects use their specialized mouthparts to penetrate the plant’s tissues and extract the sap containing essential nutrients and water. Sucking insect …

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