Bedbugs: The Horror That Lurks in Your Bedroom 

Bedbugs are common in homes, hotels, and offices worldwide. They are wingless and have flat bodies, making them suitable for hiding in cracks and crevices. Their name comes from the fact that they tend to inhabit beds. These insects have a wide range of biting, stinging and injecting capabilities. Without treatment, an infestation can spread rapidly. 

How they are made

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A bed bug has three distinct stages of its life cycle. The egg is the smallest and most inactive stage. The nymph is in the second stage; it's about half the size of the adult. The adult is the last stage; it's back twice as large as the nymphs and has fully developed legs for crawling and advanced hunting and feeding abilities. During molts, adult bed bugs shed their outer layers multiple times. After mating, the female will lay up to five eggs in hiding. The eggs will have an extended life span without food or light before hatching. Once hatched, the naughty nymphs will seek out a host to feed on blood. They will return to their hiding place after feeding to wait out the weather until adulthood. 

What they feed on

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Bed Bugs live on human blood and can suck human blood for 3-15 minutes without stopping. They primarily enter an area with friction with skin- but they can also climb onto humans from nearby objects or beds. Feeding times are usually at night when humans are asleep; this is when bedbugs are most effective at spreading and performing their activities. Once a human host is found, bedbugs leave behind feces that tell them where to find more blood sources. 

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Can bed bugs jump?

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Bed bugs possess three pairs of legs; two pairs are attached to the abdomen and a third pair to the thorax. They can push their bodies against their weight, making them fast crawlers. Unlike other insects like crickets, bedbugs cannot jump as they do not possess powerful hind legs; they depend on their host as the primary means of spreading around. Bed bugs also hitch-hike from one place to another, primarily through your luggage and bedsheets, as a means of spreading. These blood-sucking insects entirely depend on the blood of their host to grow and reproduce; without it, they will become inactive.

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How to tell if you have bed bugs

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One of the first signs of an infestation is small dark spots on your sheets or mattress coverings. After that, you'll see actual bedbugs-about 5-7 mm in length and oval shape. Bedbug bites may be painful and appear like tiny puss bumps that itch intensely when touched. Other signs include fecal matter, empty eggshells or live nymphs running around your place. The best way to avoid an infestation is by keeping your home clean and secure so that no bugs can get in or out. You should also never bring untreated items from outside your house into it- since bed bugs can spread anywhere with treated surfaces nearby. If you suspect an infestation, contact your provider immediately, so they can treat your home for bedbugs and get rid of any live bugs before returning! 

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What To Do

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Once you find a possible bedbug infestation, here's what you should do:

• Check all surfaces around the mattress, including headboards, nightstands, drawers, boxes, and dressers -- especially under beds and along baseboards. Also, check underneath your clothing and shoes.

• Look carefully for small holes in walls, furniture, floors or floorboards. Bed Bugs like to hide in those cracks and crevices. Also, you might want to look behind pictures, picture frames, wallpaper, ceiling tiles and electrical outlets.

• Vacuum everything thoroughly. Don't forget to vacuum the carpet and rugs. Make sure to get rid of all debris, dirt and dust. Dust mites thrive in these places.

• Seal off and treat any gaps where bed bugs could enter or exit your home (such as doors, windows, vents and plumbing). Use caulk or sealants that repel bed bugs and seal out airflow.

• Dispose of old items that could harbour bed bugs, like clothing, linens, blankets, pillows, stuffed toys, etc. All bedding material should be washed before being brought back into your home. For example, clean sheets and pillowcases separately from pillowcases. Avoid using dry cleaning services.

• Clean all surfaces where you suspect bed bugs might be hiding. Wipe down areas with alcohol.

• Treat all affected areas with an appropriate pesticide or insecticide. Follow instructions carefully.

• Throw away the old and unfixable bed frame and bedside tables. Bed Frames are a known hiding spot for bedbugs.

• Take precautions to prevent further infestations. Never store luggage or suitcases directly on the floor. Store items covered or in plastic bags

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Bedbugs are pesky insects that can spread quickly if not appropriately controlled. Keep your home clean and secure to avoid attracting bedbugs in the first place! Also, be mindful of where you touch in public establishments since this is where most cases of bedbug infestations occur! Avoiding these problems early helps prevent an infestation from growing costly with time and treatment efforts later on down the line.


Can you feel bed bugs jump on you?

As stated in the above paragraph, bed bugs cannot jump. However, when they crawl on you, you can feel them.

How fast can bed bugs travel?

Bed bugs possess three pairs of legs to push their body against their weight. As a result, they crawl very fast, especially when they detect threats and are capable of travelling 2-4feet/min.

Can bed bugs live in one room?

Typically, an infestation may begin within a room, but it will spread faster if not prevented with time.

What kills bed bugs instantly?

The high temperature of steam, if about 100 °C, will destroy bed bugs and their eggs wholly and instantly.

How to draw bed bugs from hiding?

There are various ways to draw bed bugs from hiding. It is advisable to seek a professional bed bug exterminator; you can also use pesticides, steam, diatomaceous earth, etc. For more preventive measures. Check out our previous post.

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