12 Surprising Myths About Bed bugs That You Need To Know

Bed bugs are a common household pest found in homes, hotels, schools and offices. People staying in homes where bed bugs are present often have problems with these bugs biting them. Some people have a lot of trouble sleeping after being bitten by bed bugs. Many people also have a hard time getting rid of bed bugs themselves. However, there's no need to worry if bed bugs have bitten you- they're not as dangerous as people make them out to be. 

This post isn't just about introducing bed bugs; we will look into 12 common myths about bed bugs and inculcate you with the right information. 

#1 Bed Bugs Bite Only Humans

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Bugs do not distinguish between humans and animals. Instead, they specifically feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals like mice, cats, rats and dogs. Their bites may appear harmless, but they inject saliva containing anticoagulants and other chemicals that cause itchiness. 

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#2 Insecticides eliminate bed bugs

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Insecticides may kill adult bed bugs and may not be effective enough to eradicate the eggs. When these eggs hatch, young bed bugs emerge, ready to reproduce. Bed bugs can hide for months without feeding, waiting until conditions become right to begin reproduction. Without a breeding ground, insecticide use does nothing—and might even worsen, especially when the insecticides are not explicitly designed for bed bugs.

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#3 Bed Bug treatments are easy and effective

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Many over-the-counter products help remove bed bugs, including diatomaceous earth, pyrethrin sprays, aerosol traps, and hot-water treatments. But these methods have three major flaws: They take time and effort, don’t always work well, and can damage surfaces and furniture. In addition, because they often involve spraying chemicals directly onto bedding and flooring materials, they can leave behind toxic residues, including carcinogenic ones.

#4 You Can Wash Your Clothes Safely To Kill Bed Bugs

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Washing your clothes in ordinary water won’t get rid of bedbugs. Bedbugs are not deterred by temperatures below 35 degrees Celsius. Washing can also spread bedbug problems to other areas of your home. To effectively eliminate bedbugs, wash your clothing in hot water, rinse thoroughly, and dry away in the sunlight.

#5 Bed Bug Spray Products Work Effectively

Many people think spray products are effective because they advertise themselves as “bed bug killers.” But while some products claim to kill both adults and nymphs, others only kill adults. Adult bed bugs are much easier to detect than nymphs, so if your product kills just adults, you can still have active infestations. Nymphs cannot be seen unless you inspect the baseboards and crevices.

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#6 Bed bug exterminators can get rid of them all

Bedbugs Extermination Professional Service. Pest Control Exterminators Doing Room Disinsection against Bed Bugs

If you hire a professional service provider, they should tell you how they can eliminate all types of bed bugs. Unfortunately, most exterminators focus exclusively on treating adult bed bugs. Therefore, they cannot guarantee complete elimination because there are different bed bugs and various types of infestation.

#7 Bed Bugs are attracted by darkness

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Even though they tend to hide around dark areas, bed bugs don't make their way to your bedroom at night. However, they prefer places such as cracks and behind pictures. Unfortunately, these spots often become hotspots for bedbug activity because they offer warm and humid conditions to breed and reproduce.            

#8 Bed Bugs cannot survive outside

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While bedbugs do not thrive in cold weather, they can survive in temperatures down to -12 °C, and eggs can stay as low as -31 °C degrees Celsius. So it's safe to say they won't be freezing to death soon! However, they could die if exposed to extreme temperature changes.

#9 Bed Bugs only bite people who sleep in beds

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Bed Bugs aren't just going to bite anyone who falls asleep in a bed randomly. They are much pickier than that. Their bites usually happen when someone is lying down during napping hours or when there is less movement, and they are looking for food. So while it's true that they are more interested in people who spend most of their day sleeping (like we all know), it doesn't mean that you should be in bed.                                                                                                                         

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#10 Bedbugs don’t transmit disease

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There is no evidence suggesting that bed bugs carry any sort of disease. However, reports have said otherwise, as some pathogens have been detected. Regardless, since they eat blood, you should take extra precautions to avoid spreading infections to yourself and others.

#11 Bed Bugs are harmless

We've seen this myth repeated quite a bit, but it's not true. While they are outstanding on their own, bed bugs, reproduce rapidly. Therefore, they can pose a massive threat to your property, health and lifestyle if left untreated. 

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#12 You can do nothing to get rid of them

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This is not true, although bed bugs are hard to eradicate since they hide deep below the surface of your mattress. But you can keep them away from your home with proper education, a professional exterminator, use of pesticides, cleaning regularly, and treating the items in your home that they might be nesting in.

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Does washing dirty clothes get rid of bed bugs?

Washing your clothes in hot water will kill bed bugs. Just make sure to clean the laundry thoroughly. Washing in cold water only kills bed bugs after they've already laid eggs. Also, dry-clean items only if you have to. Dry cleaning uses toxic chemicals and could potentially damage your clothing permanently.

Do bed bugs bite only people who are asleep?

People often assume bed bugs bite only those who sleep alone. In reality, bed bugs bite everyone, even those who sleep with others. You won't feel anything the second time, but you could break out in welts if you have severe allergic reactions.

Can bed bug extermination Be done By myself?

Yes, you can do bed bug extermination yourself. But it requires a lot of work. Bed bugs reproduce quickly and travel along cables, wires, and pipes. 

How to draw bed bugs from hiding?

There are various ways to draw bed bugs from hiding. It is advisable to seek a professional bed bug exterminator; you can also use pesticides, steam, diatomaceous earth, etc. For more preventive measures. Check out our previous post.

What kills bed bugs instantly?

The high temperature of steam, if about 100 °C, will destroy bed bugs and their eggs wholly and instantly.

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